Big Name Change News!

TREE SCULPTURE Landscape… becomes TERRA Landscape.

Almost from the first day in 1989, when TREE SCULPTURE complete tree care expanded our services to include comprehensive landscape management, our clients expressed a unanimous confusion. “How does the name “TREE SCULPTURE” communicate that you do more than just trees?” As long as our clients personally knew us and the quality of our work, there was no urgency to consider a more expressive name. But, as we expanded our landscape operations and our geographical service area, it became abundantly clear that the time had come! So, how did we select the name, TERRA? Of course, we tried many names… just like expectant parents consider many names for a new baby. In the end, we just kept gravitating back to the name TERRA because this one word so meaningfully encompassed what we do and how much we care about what we do. 

TERRA means “earth” as in the “soil” in which all green things grow

TERRA means “land” as in the landscape we are stewards of and manage for our clients 

TERRA means “Earth” as in our fragile, precious Planet Earth. 

So, that’s it! Welcome to TERRA Landscape! We hope you like our new name as much as we do. We are the same company with the same dedicated staff and ownership. Please know, we will continue to operate our tree service under the name, TREE SCULPTURE.