Fall Plant Sale
Post date: September 26, 2013

Many people think that the onset of fall weather is a signal to head inside and cozy up to the fire, forgetting about the landscape until spring.  Not so, fall is the best time to move forward with your garden plans.

Evergreen shrubs can sometimes suffer from leaf burn if trimmed in the strong sun rays of spring or summer.  Fall is the best time to shape and prune tender evergreens, such as boxwood, without suffering the effects of leaf burn.

Since soil temperatures are still warm, but nights are cool, it is a great time to move woody plants or small trees.  The warm soil temperatures ensure that roots will remain active, giving the newly relocated plants time to establish before winter dormancy.

Cool season lawns, such as tall and fine fescues, bluegrass and rye, are growing rapidity.  Fall is an ideal time to over-seed entire lawns or smaller areas that might have died back during the summer heat.  Cool nights and warm days help to reduce the amount of water needed for seed germination and establishment.  If the lawn area you are re-seeding is near trees that will have a significant leaf drop, you will want to seed in early fall to ensure that the young grass becomes established to withstand the traffic of leaf removal.

Crabgrass and Bermuda grass control can best be achieved during the fall months.   These two aggressive weeds go dormant during the cold winter months.  In preparation, plants are readily taking in materials during the early fall.  Applying a good post emergent weed control herbicide before dormancy ensures maximum take up by the plant.  This helps to ensure that weed killer is spread throughout the plant, facilitating more complete control of the weed.

Feeling ambitious?  Plant a fall vegetable garden!  Most of us are May to September summer vegetable growers.   September is an ideal time to get your winter garden planted.  The mix of warm soil and mild days help to quickly establish young plants.   Great winter vegetables for our area include, brussel sprouts, kale, peas, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage.  If you have never tasted these vegetables fresh from your own garden, this winter would be a great time to start.

One task you can complete inside this time of year is to order your spring flowering bulbs.  Now is a great time to search the internet for some good deals on daffodils, tulips, and other spring bulbs.

Over the next couple weeks there are a number of excellent fall plant sales throughout the Bay Area. Show your support for local plant societies, botanical gardens and horticulture programs by visiting a plant sale near you! To learn more, click here

Summer Party
Post date: August 9, 2013

Summer is one of the busiest times of year for everyone at Tree Sculpture. Since our employees work tirelessly to meet the needs of our customers, it is important for our company to take a moment to recognize and celebrate their contributions.

This year we held our company Summer Party at Temescal Regional Park in Oakland. Employees from across the company were able to relax and enjoy excellent food and drink catered by Taquizas a Domicilio. We held a gift card raffle and provided all employees a sturdy and re-useable company branded water bottle to help everyone stay hydrated. This employee give-away is one of the many recent initiatives Tree Sculpture has undertaken to reduce our environmental footprint.

Marcos, who has worked for Tree Sculpture for 19 years, said it best, “Bringing everyone together to enjoy time away from work helps us get to know each other better which improves how we all work together.” 

Post date: May 15, 2013

TREE SCULPTURE Landscape… becomes TERRA Landscape.

Almost from the first day in 1989, when TREE SCULPTURE complete tree care expanded our services to include comprehensive landscape management, our clients expressed a unanimous confusion. “How does the name “TREE SCULPTURE” communicate that you do more than just trees?” As long as our clients personally knew us and the quality of our work, there was no urgency to consider a more expressive name. But, as we expanded our landscape operations and our geographical service area, it became abundantly clear that the time had come! So, how did we select the name, TERRA? Of course, we tried many names… just like expectant parents consider many names for a new baby. In the end, we just kept gravitating back to the name TERRA because this one word so meaningfully encompassed what we do and how much we care about what we do. 

TERRA means “earth” as in the “soil” in which all green things grow

TERRA means “land” as in the landscape we are stewards of and manage for our clients 

TERRA means “Earth” as in our fragile, precious Planet Earth. 

So, that’s it! Welcome to TERRA Landscape! We hope you like our new name as much as we do. We are the same company with the same dedicated staff and ownership. Please know, we will continue to operate our tree service under the name, TREE SCULPTURE.