Commercial & Municipal Tree Care

Populations of trees require a special approach. At TREE SCULPTURE, we partner with each client to develop a customized multi-year, prioritized tree care program tailored to fit your budget. All trees require adequate access to light and water, clear exposed root crowns and open fertile soil in order to thrive. Tree populations at Homeowners’ Associations, Business Parks and Municipalities call for unique attention.

Safety and security are paramount. Proper pruning for clearance from structures, walkways, roadways and lighting is essential. Healthy trees add character and significant value to any site. There is typically much less diversity of tree species in larger landscape sites. Greater numbers of fewer tree types naturally expose them to severe impact if a pest or disease takes hold. We bring over forty years of knowledge and experience in the Bay Area to the proper care of your tree population.

BUDGET: It is essential to partner with our clients to work within a defined budget

PRIORITIZE: Develop prioritized multi-year plans to ensure tree health and safety

MONITOR: Monitor trees to prevent serious disease infection or pest infestation