Employee Spotlight: Tieka Romanoff

It's no surprise that we've chosen Tieka as our first employee to spotlight, because, as many of you know, Tieka is the hub of the business. She's the first point of contact for anyone who calls into the company, making sure that all inquiries are handled quickly and efficiently. 

For Tree Sculpture, she handles the scheduling of bids and tree work and works closely with tree division manager, Dan Dachauer for every job. For Terra Landscape, she's the one to contact with inquiries about work being done or issues that arise e.g. maintenance work order requests, irrigation system repairs, or enhancement bid requests. From these client interactions, Tieka creates a work order, notifies the appropriate employee, and tracks the inquiry to completion. She feeds all information to our managers and supervisors so that any issues can be resolved quickly.

When asked about her favorite part of the job, Tieka quickly responded that it's working with people and solving problems. She loves the relationships that she has with customers and clients, many of whom have been working with Tree Sculpture Group since before she came on. 

During her 11 years with Tree Sculpture Group, Tieka said she has seen email and smart phones radically change the way her job is done. She used to use two-way radios to contact managers and supervisors in the field. But now, with managers and supervisors having smart phones, they're able to snap photos and email them on the spot to quickly identify and resolve issues. Tieka can then pass information along to clients and customers to streamline the decision making process and resolve issues quickly.

Tieka added that email is often the best way to communicate with us regarding projects or issues. Having trackable, written detail makes it easier for her and our staff to take care of things quickly.

5 things you may not know about Tieka:

  • Joined Tree Sculpture Group in April 2005
  • Grew up in Berkeley and lives in Oakland 
  • Married 42 years and with two grown daughters
  • Her dog Louie, a Havanese, just got a new brother, a rescue named Dexter, who is mostly Ridgeback and entirely adorable 
  • Successful jewelry designer and sells her micro macramé at shows and online at www.romanoffdesigns.com