Our Story

We were not always the comprehensive landscape management company we have grown to become today. TREE SCULPTURE was founded and named in 1965. This was actually six years before Craig Lundin, current president and CEO, became the owner.  John Britton started TREE SCULPTURE as a part time tree service to supplement to his primary income / activity as an artist and sculpture teacher at the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC) in Oakland.

In 1971, Craig Lundin met John as one of his sculpture students. Having heard that Craig climbed rocks in Yosemite on weekends and assuming he didn’t have a fear of heights, John asked Craig if he needed money and had any interest in learning how to climb and prune trees. The answer was yes in both cases. It turned out to be a match made in heaven.

For the next year, they worked together in trees one day a week while each pursued their artistic dreams “full time.” John was a great mentor both as an artist and as a lover of trees and steward of their proper care. Then in 1972, when Craig returned to CCAC from Christmas vacation, John announced that he had decided to stop teaching, quit doing trees and intended to move to eastern Oregon with his family to become an organic cattle rancher. It was shocking news. But, he did offer to sell Craig “the business” which turned out to be a slender book containing the names and numbers of their customers… to be paid off for a nominal monthly fee over the next year.

Thus in the spring of 1972, with only the book in hand, Craig became the sole proprietor of Tree Sculpture. A truck, saws and ladders were purchased and Craig continued to do trees on a part-time basis to support his art. In the meantime, something remarkable happened. Craig fell in love with trees. He went back to school to study plant pathology, mycology and entomology to better understand trees on a more scientific level. The more he learned, the more he loved trees.

By 1978, Craig was still making sculpture and doing trees on the side, when he and his wife, Carol, resolved that it was time to start a family. From that moment everything shifted. Trees (actual income) took priority over sculpture (not so much income…). As they say, the rest is history.

For the next decade, TREE SCULPTURE grew into a successful tree care company specializing in disease and pest diagnosis and treatment and the highest quality aesthetic pruning with a primary focus on the health of the tree. Back then, we used to say that “A sculptured tree is a balanced healthy tree.” It’s still true today.

In 1989, we were approached by the managers of two separate commercial associations where we cared for the trees. Each encouraged us consider going into the landscape maintenance business and promised that if we agreed to start a landscape division, we could have their contract within sixty days. They were true to their word and we quickly found ourselves in the (then) unique position of providing a full spectrum comprehensive landscape service. 

TREE SCULPTURE had evolved to provide a comprehensive service encompassing tree care and landscape management along with our disease and pest treatment strategies. These services were carefully bundled together into a multiyear prioritized understanding and plan for integrating the unique needs of each site. Since we had grown to become much more than a tree service, we elected to change our status from a sole proprietorship and incorporated as The Tree Sculpture Group. 

IN 2012, along side TREE SCULPTURE complete tree care, we have added the name, TERRA Landscape to better express our comprehensive landscape management service.

Focusing our efforts exclusively in Alameda County, Contra Costa County and the County of San Francisco… we continue to strive to provide the best tree and landscape care in our industry.