Removal of Hazardous Trees… Carefully

Working in urban environments and gardens around homes mandates special care.

We specialize in careful tree removal… without damage to surrounding plantings or structures. We, at Tree Sculpture, love trees. Unless a tree is truly hazardous, we urge our clients to consider alternatives to removal.

A tree may be hazardous for any number of reasons. 

Structurally unsound trees due to advanced trunk or root decay, pronounced lean to one side, poor structure (i.e. co-dominant leaders) over-mature age and unstable or girdling roots may present an imminent hazard.

Various species of trees in our area are more susceptible to failure than others.

The location of individual trees may put them at greater risk of failure. Tall trees in windy locations, trees in narrow parking strips or trees planted in poor soils or wet windy locations may be hazardous.

Disease or pest attack may have weakened a tree to the point where it cannot recover… even with proper treatment.