Residential Tree Care

Residential trees require a special approach. At TREE SCULPTURE, we bring over forty years of knowledge and experience in the Bay Area to the proper care of your trees. We pride ourselves on being the best pruners in the business! All trees require adequate access to light and water, clear exposed root crowns and open fertile soil to allow uptake of water and essential elements. Trees on home grounds are usually larger more mature specimens which call for unique attention.

PROPER PRUNING: Each tree species requires a unique pruning technique. Proper pruning is a value!  Our expert pruning techniques may cost slightly more in the short run but will result in stronger, healthier… and less costly trees in the long run.

OVERCROWDING: All trees require their own space in which to grow. Residential trees are often large in scale and are planted quite close together. Therefore, they are forced to compete for the same light. We help them “cooperate” to share space.

PROXIMITY TO STRUCTURES: Safety and security are paramount. Proper pruning for clearance from structures, walkways, roadways and lighting is essential.

INCOMPATIBLE WATER REQUIREMENTS: Irrigation for landscaping around trees on home grounds often applies too much water for tree root systems and may expose them to life threatening decay fungi. We inspect and “expose” the root crown of every tree we touch.

MONITORING: Monitor trees to prevent serious disease infection or pest infestation