Residential & Estate

Residential & Estate

Trees on residential properties require a special approach. We are careful to avoid damage to surrounding structures or landscapes, and we take into consideration the impact of tree work on the property as a whole. Trees on estate grounds are usually larger and mature specimens which call for unique attention.

Tree Sculpture clients value the ease with which they can get in touch with us – and with our quick response times. We also provide 24-hour emergency service.

Different tree species require different pruning techniques, and our certified arborists are skilled enough to deliver customized results.

All trees require their own space in which to grow. Residential trees are often planted quite close together, making it difficult to obtain the needed light. We help them “cooperate” and share the available space.

The Bay Area is famous for its “million dollar views.” If a tree is beginning to block a viewscape,  we can subtly prune it to help preserve the view.

Safety and security are paramount. We are skilled at pruning for clearance from structures, walkways, roads, and lighting fixtures.

Irrigation for landscaping around trees on home grounds often applies too much water for tree root systems and may expose them to life-threatening fungal diseases. We inspect and expose the root crown of every tree we touch.

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