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Just as many tree species from around the world thrive in our climate, so do many diseases and pests.Ā MonitoringĀ tree populations is critical for identifying pest and disease problems early, before they ā€œestablishā€ and become a serious threat to tree health. Treatment strategiesĀ targetingĀ  each disease or pest problem are developed in accordance with the latest effective science in the field.Ā 

The root crown is the natural soil line where the roots meet the trunk. Buried too low, the crown is prone to rot and diseases. Buried too high, it can dry out and affect the establishment and strength of the tree. Assessment and correction of the root-crown clearance is the most essential and economical investment one can make to preserve tree health.

Clay soils are common in the Bay Area, and they can prevent a treeā€™s absorption of oxygen and nutrients. Our teams can ā€œopen upā€ these compacted areas and allow water, air, and essential food to reach your treeā€™s roots.

Ongoing monitoring is critical for identifying disease and pest problems before they become a serious threat. Our treatments align with the Integrated Pest Management Guidelines.

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