Tree Pruning

With over 50 years of experience in the Bay Area, we pride ourselves on being the best pruners in the business! Each type of tree requires its own pruning technique, and our knowledgeable arborists are up to date on the latest recommendations. 

Whether it’s repairing damage after a storm or thinning trees to let in wind and light, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in clearance from structures for aesthetics and safety.

We prune young trees to establish a strong structure and a natural shape, with a central leader and an attractive, balanced scaffold of main branches. We prune mature trees to remove deadwood, diseased tissue and crossing branches. Reducing weight at the branch tips helps prevent breakage.

Proper thinning of branches can balance and stabilize trees, allowing them to stand up to storms. “Windsail damage” can be prevented by thinning the tree canopy to allow wind to pass through. 

Filtered or windowed views can be established or restored with thoughtful pruning. Why remove a tree when you can just open up the view?

To prevent damage to structures, we offer periodic clearance pruning to stay ahead of the game. We clear buildings, roadsides, paths, and lighting fixtures of any interfering foliage.

Local fire departments require a reduction of vegetation near homes and businesses. They also recommend removal of tree branches up to 10 ft. to prevent “fire laddering”. Our experts can make sure your inspections go well!

Damaged or weakened trees sometimes need special care. We offer strategic cabling and bracing to support them while they regain their natural strength. 

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